Inverter Service

Field-Service-photo-2 Dynapower’s Energy Storage Group (ESG) includes Grid Integration services for the project from contract execution through project completion to deliver an efficient equipment installation, successful system commissioning, and timely project completion. Every ESG purchase includes a standard product warranty. In addition, Dynapower ESG offers Preventative Maintenance Service Plans for scheduled service to ensure proper operation and optimum performance of the equipment. Upon commissioning and project hand off to the customer, the experienced ESG Service Team continues to deliver high quality services promptly, professionally, and effectively. The Dynapower ESG offering can be segmented into three phases – supply phase, warranty phase, and operational phase.                    


Dynapower’s field service is comprised of over 80 certified technicians deployed domestically, ensuring a rapid response in the event service is needed. This un-paralleled coverage also permits us to offer low cost preventative maintenance plans to ensure the maximum up time of your equipment.

We have service technicians in the following locations:

Phoenix, Arizona / Los Angeles, California / Sacramento, California / San Diego, California / San Jose,
California / Colorado Springs, Colorado / Denver, Colarado / Hartford, Connecticut / Washington, DC
Miami, Florida / Orlando, Florida / Atlanta, Georgia / Des Moines, Iowa / Chicago, Illinois /
Indianapolis, Indiana / Boston, Massachusetts / Baltimore, Maryland / Detroit, Michigan / Minneapolis,
Minnesota / Kansas City, Missouri / Raleigh, North Carolina / Wilmington, North Carolina / Newark,
New Jersey / Albuquerque, New Mexico / Ithaca, New York / New York, New York / Columbus, Ohio  /
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Austin, Texas / Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas /
Houston, Texas / San Antonio, Texas / Waco, Texas / Salt Lake City, Utah / Richmond, Virginia /
Newport News, Virginia / Tacoma, Washington