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FCompECompactive_standby The IPS-500 is an Integrated Power System designed specifically for grid-tied and micro-grid applications combining solar inversion and battery energy storage. Market Leading Features Include:
  • 500kW Solar Input & 500kW/250kWh Battery Integrated in 23ft Container
  • Uninterruptable Power to Critical Loads
  • Full AC and DC switchgear complement including Solar Recombiner
  • Supports Ancillary Grid Services such as Frequency Regulation & VAR Support
D O W N L O A D ►  IPS-500 DATA SHEET (381 downloads) BATTERY

The integrated battery offers operators flexibility to manage PV ramp rate, shift peak loads, and generate revenue in frequency regulation markets. The advanced Lithium battery system offers industry-leading energy density and safety with extended cycle life.

The IPS-500 includes an optional Solar Recombiner and offers Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for 600V and 1000V class solar arrays. Integrated storage allows high DC-to-AC power ratios while minimizing lost PV production due to clipping or site interconnection limits.   DYNAMIC_TRANSFER_DIVIDER Dynamic Transer - UPDATED

The IPS-500 features Seamless Dynamic Transfer functionality, which allows the host site to maintain uninterrupted power to a set of Critical Loads during grid outages. The combination of Solar and Storage in the IPS-500 provideS reliable power even when the grid is down and solar generation is variable.