Dynapower Energy Storage Project Portfolio



Partner: Green Mountain Power Rutland, Vermont The Stafford Hill Solar Farm combines solar, storage and micro-grid technology in an innovative new solar project to improve resiliency and safety in communities. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, The Stafford Hill Solar Farm is the first project to establish a micro-grid powered solely by solar and battery back-up, with no other fuel source. With 7,700 solar panels situated on 15 acres of land, The Stafford Hill Solar Farm can generate 2 MW of electricity, enough to power about 2,000 homes during full sun, or 365 homes year-round. The project also includes 4 MW of battery storage for solar generation, allowing the disconnection of an entire circuit from the grid in an emergency to provide critical power for an emergency shelter at Rutland High School. Stafford Hill is a major milestone in creating more resilient and strong communities in Vermont. View Project Flyover Video

British Columbia Institute of Technology Energy OASIS

Partner: BC Hydro Vancouver, Canada The BCIT Energy OASIS Microgrid provides electrical vehicle charging from solar with battery storage. Dynapower provided a 250 kW micro‐port converter with four battery inputs and a 250 kW solar input. The inverter uses Dynapower proprietary Dynamic Transfer function to seamlessly transition between grid tied and stand alone mode.

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Kaheawa Wind Power—Phase II

Partner: Maui Electric Maui, Hawaii Kaheawa Wind Power is located on the island of Maui in the West Maui Mountains. Phase II was completed in July 2012 and included the construction of 14 additional turbines. The entire project generates 51 MW, serving about 18,700 homes. It is also the first project in the United States to use a Habitat Conservation Plan to protect the long term health of local species, including three endemic birds and one bat. A traditional fossil-fueled facility in Hawaii producing an equivalent amount of electric energy to the two phases of the Kaheawa Wind I and II projects would consume over 333,000 barrels of oil, or over 70,000 tons of coal, per year. The power produced by both phases of the Kaheawa Wind project is the equivalent of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by over 126,000 metric tons annually, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database.

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Sempra Group USA

Partner: Sempra Maui, Hawaii Auwahi Wind is located on the Ulupalakua Ranch on the southeast coast of Maui, Hawaii and is a joint venture between Sempra U.S. Gas & Power and BP Wind Energy. It’s a 21 MW wind farm that was completed in December of 2012. There are 8 wind turbines which generate enough electricity to power about 10,000 Maui homes. The 11 MW grid battery system is an integral component to the project that helps to regulate and sustain power to Maui Electric Company’s main grid during variable wind conditions. The battery system includes state of the art monitoring and safety controls to ensure reliable operation. The Auwahi Wind project has propelled Hawaii’s goal to support 40% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

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Partner: Duke Energy Notrees, Texas The Notrees Battery Storage Project was completed and shipped in 2012. It consisted of twenty-four 1.5 MW Inverters to support the 125 MW Notrees Wind Power Project in western Texas. The project demonstrates how energy and power storage technologies can help wind power systems address intermittency issues by building a 36 MW turnkey energy storage and power management system. This system is capable of optimizing the delivery of energy in addition to providing service regulation in the ERCOT market. The total solution consists of 36 MW Power Conversion System, XP Lead Acid Battery, 125 MW Wind Farm, Dynapower BPS, and Xact Domain Controller. Note that the original lead acid batteries are being replaced with lithium ion batteries, with no change in the Dynapower PCS required.

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CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla Anguilla is a Caribbean island to the east of Puerto Rico. In September 2014 the resort completed the installation of a new 1.0 MW solar power generation plant. The solar powered system uses a battery backup system to store the energy in order to provide uninterruptable energy flow to the desalination plant. The desalination plant provides water the island’s residents and to guests at the resort. Dynapower supplied a 500 kW solar plus battery container energy system for the project.

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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Kittery, Maine This project helps to support and assure the power quality on the naval base during transitions from grid power to island power. It was designed to be significantly enhance the energy security of the base during the critical load periods. The microgrid integrates various types of technology, including a 500 kW / 125 kWh BESS to assure the quality of power. A new MCS will integrate the BESS and a variety of existing on-site generation assets to implement a fast load shed scheme and interface the PNS power system into the ISO-New England ancillary service power markets. The control system includes new metering so the MCS can intelligently select the loads to shed in order to balance with available.