KEY TECHNOLOGY dynamictransfer For 600 VAC class grid connected battery energy storage applications, Dynapower Company offers its Compact Power Systems ™ (CPS) family of utility grade, bi-directional, true four-quadrant, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled inverter/converters. Dynapower’s flexible and highly modular CPS optimizes the transfer of energy between a DC energy storage system and a 3 phase grid. The CPS provides power conditioning (voltage and frequency support) for intermittent loads and renewable generation. Systems are available in indoor and outdoor configurations. The CPS integrates system cooling, controls and a full complement of switchgear and protection including an AC circuit breaker, AC contractors, AC & DC Fusing, DC load break contractors, a DC manual isolation switch into a single, heavy duty industrial enclosure. certifications D O W N L O A D ►  SPS-500 DATA SHEET (297 downloads)   TWO_MODES_ICON

T W O   M O D E S   O F   O P E R A T I O N

The CPS provides two modes of operation — Grid-Tied (PQ-mode) and Stand-Alone (UF mode). In the Grid-Tied mode, the CPS controls the AC output real power (P) and reactive power (Q). In Stand-Alone mode, the CPS controls the AC output voltage (U) and frequency (F). The system can be started in either mode and the transfer between modes is done dynamically. Advanced controls schemes for multi-unit and microgrid applications are available.


S Y S T E M   C O N T R O L

Dynapower’s state of the art control and monitoring platform provides operators with both local and remote operation of the system. In the remote operating mode, a communication link provides autonomous operator control via Ethernet, RS232, or RS485. For local control, Dynapower provides an Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) for error set commands and full system display status.


S Y S T E M   M O N I T O R I N G

The CPS provides full system status information including AC output real & reactive power, AC output voltage & frequency and DC battery voltage and DC current readings to the remote operator through feedback signals or through the communication link (via an RTU or PLC). The CPS has an on-board monitoring system with error history and grid fault data capture. System operating information is displayed on the OIT in both local and remote modes of operation.

D U A L   C O O L I N G

The standard cooling system utilizes both liquid and air-cooling. An internal liquid cooling loop provides cooling to AC opoxy cast inductors and IGBT heat sinks. Air-cooling of the enclosure is accomplished using temperature-controlled exhaust fans with air intake via louvers at the base of each door. Sealed systems incorporating closed loop cooling solutions, including water-to-water and water-to-air options are available.