250kW Energy Storage Inverter for Tesla Powerpack

Dynapower’s MPS™-250 and 100 have been customized to seamlessly integrate with the Tesla Energy Powerpack commercial battery. This offers end users and energy storage integrators an advantage when deploying the Tesla Powerpack, as the Powerpack offering is inclusive of the Dynapower MPS™-250 and 100 energy storage inverters. The inverters are designed specifically for four quadrant energy storage applications in both grid tied and microgrid applications. Dynapower’s MPS™ battery energy storage inverters product offering is an integrated solution containing all required protective features, as well as an AC output breaker and DC disconnect switch. Based on the proven powertrain architecture of Tesla electric vehicles, the Tesla Powerpack system delivers broad application compatibility and streamlined installation by integrating batteries, thermal management and controls. 100 kWh DC Powerpacks are grouped to scale from 500 kWh for commercial applications like peak shaving and load shifting to 10MWh+ systems for renewable firming, microgrids, ancillary services, and other grid level applications. The inverter is available for sale through Tesla Energy as part of the Powerpack commercial battery offering for both North American and international deployments.  Data Sheet Downloads MPS-250 60 Hz operation MPS-250 50 Hz operation MPS-100 50 Hz Operation Compliance Certificates UL 1741 Certificate for US and Canada Siesmic Analysis Report