MPS-100™ Bi-Directional Grid-Tied Inverter

For Single & Dual DC Input 100 kW Systems


The MPS-100™ series of bi-directional inverters are specifically designed for grid-tied and  microgrid energy storage applications. The MPS-100™ is configurable as a single or dual DC input inverter. Each input is settable as either a battery or PV with MPPT. Integrated Solution Dynapower’s MPS-100™ product  offering is an integrated solution containing all required AC breakers and  protective features as well as DC disconnects and DC fuses. The integrated solution offers end  users and  energy storage integrators a cost advantage when compared to non-integrated systems requiring additional add-on items.  

100kW Drawing & OIT

Dynamic Transfer Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer algorithm monitors the grid stability and  within 16 ms of detecting a grid disturbance will disconnect from the grid connection and  transition to stand alone mode on the load connection. The transition is seamless to the critical loads. Experience Having provided over 50% of the domestic grid- tied power  electronics for battery  energy systems the Dynapower Energy Storage team brings an unchallenged level of expertise and  unrivaled knowledge base to our customers. Dynapower’s engineering team has designed and delivered energy storage systems globally including Asia, North America, Europe and Antarctica  of systems sized from 25 kW to 36,000 kW.   100kW Specification graph