50KW 3-in-1 System

Dynapower’s multi-port 50kW grid tied inverter couples Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) from a solar array directly with bi-directional AC/DC energy storage, enabling maximum efficiency and solutions to interconnect multiple solid state converters on a common AC feed.

Integrated System:

  • 50kw Solar Input
  • 50kW Level 2 Car Charger
  • 50kW Battery Energy Storage Input
  • 50kW Grid Tied Inverter


  • Bi-Directional AC/DC Converter
  • Independent DC Control
  •  Transformer Isolated
  • Common DC Rail Improves Solar Efficiency
  • Robust Industrial Design
  • Dynamic Islanding Transfer Capability
  • 480V AC 3 Phase Grid Interconnection
  • 3 DC Output 60-715VDC

The 50kW multi-port inverter system is an integrated system designed for battery energy storage, solar interconnection and vehicle charging. Download the 50 KW 3-in-1 System brochure for more information.