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Dynapower needs your vote!

September 2, 2015

Dynapower’s bi-directional inverters are playing critical roles in innovative energy storage projects around the world, increasing the use of renewables and helping utilities avoid costly infrastructure upgrades. We’re thrilled that Energy Storage North America (ESNA), the largest storage-focused event in the world, has recognized a major grid-scale project where Dynapower inverters are at work. Each […]

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Dynapower expands to West Coast to support growing sales

August 19, 2015

Dynapower is continuing its global expansion of its team and operations with a new facility in Union City, California. The new 12,000 square foot facility will allow Dynapower to further enhance the support of its West Coast customer base through locally stored spare parts and locally based field service. Dynapower’s innovative bi-directional inverters play a […]

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Bi-directional inverters are reshaping energy storage projects around the world

August 13, 2015

Converting DC to AC power has been a common part of the mix for renewable energy storage for decades. Renewables like wind and solar generate DC electricity and provide power the grid through the use of unidirectional inverters. But renewable generation is trending away from the model of selling power only to the nearest buyer, […]

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What We’re Listening To: Vermont Public Radio

July 30, 2015

Dynapower Sales Manager Chip Palombini was interviewed by Vermont Public Radio (VPR) for a “Vermont Edition” broadcast that aired on July 29th. During the interview he spoke in some detail about how bi-directional energy storage inverters – one of Dynapower’s mainstay products – work. He explained how inverters enable renewable energy and improve grid stability […]

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Energy storage could literally save America $ billions

July 22, 2015

America’s electricity grid has been called “the greatest invention of the 20th century,” but today it’s becoming an outdated infrastructure. Limited transmission capacity compounded by deferred or non-existent upgrades and maintenance, present a potentially costly crisis for communities and ratepayers across the country. But advanced energy storage and distributed generation solutions – utility-scale to microgrids […]

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Dynapower supplies Tesla with inverters for their Powerpack system

July 15, 2015

This week Dynapower announced an agreement with Tesla to provide 250 kW bi-directional inverters for the electric vehicle company’s new Powerpack Commercial battery system. Tesla selected the Dynapower system based on our technology, track record, and long-term viability. The combination of Dynapower’s industry-leading electronics and Tesla’s stationary storage technology will enable large commercial and industrial […]

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New Yorker Magazine Highlights Green Mountain Power Project

July 8, 2015

Big congratulations to Vermont’s own Green Mountain Power and their team for being recognized in a major feature story in the New Yorker, written by renowned environmentalist and author Bill McKibben. The article highlights Green Mountain Power as one of the most forward thinking and cost-conscious utilities on renewables, efficiency and energy storage. The Dynapower […]

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Markets and policy align to boost renewables – and storage

June 24, 2015

States and municipalities are setting big goals for renewable energy standards, and it may not be for all of the reasons you think. Hawaii just set an ambitious target to have 100 percent of their electricity come from renewables by 2045. Vermont recently passed a bill requiring more than half of that state’s power to […]

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Five reasons why energy storage market growth is unstoppable

June 17, 2015

It’s always been a given that electricity must be used as it’s generated – but that’s changing. As energy markets become more reliant on intermittent renewables, and look to increase grid efficiency and stability, the need for storing energy is growing rapidly. Energy storage technology is supporting the use of clean power, while also helping reduce […]

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Unlocking the Power of Intermittent Renewables

June 10, 2015

Generating electricity from intermittent renewables, like wind and solar, is becoming increasingly cost-effective for energy applications of all types. But what happens when the sun sets or the wind stops? As countries, states, and municipalities across the globe move towards establishing – or expanding on – renewable portfolio standards, the need for flexible and efficient […]

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